Chess is a fascinating game of the mind and has been around for many years. It is an indoor game that needs a lot of skill and concentration. Two players play this game. Each player of the board game should use several tactics depending on the opponent’s moves to win the game.

The traditional way of playing chess involves a board and uses chess pieces. The board is square with 64 squares all over the board that is of the same size. The squares in the board have alternate colors – black and white or other contrasting colors.

Game overview

The chess pieces are 32 in total and the two players divide them. So each player has
16 chess pieces and they start the game with 2 bishops, 1 king, 2 knights, 8 pawns,
1 queen and 2 rooks. Players are referred to as black or white and they begin the game by moving pieces to an unoccupied square going to your opponent’s piece.
When you move your piece to your opponent’s slot and captured, that piece is removed from the board.

Parts of the game chess

This game is divided into three different phases. The first 10 to 25 moves are called the opening. This is where the players are moving the pieces to prepare for the upcoming fight.

The second part of the game is the most exciting part and the end part of the game is where the king is doing a lot of moves in the struggle. When any of the pieces directly attack the King, it is said to be in check and the game can end if the player does not move the king, capture the threatening piece or block the check with another piece. Because of this, it is very crucial to have an understanding of how to move the pieces legally as its power is tied to its mobility.

Play chess online

Interestingly enough, the Internet has revolutionized the way we do everything,
including how we enjoy our leisure time. If you are a serious chess player, you can check for online chess games and see possible ways to help you improve your skills.
Ability to make decisions is an area in which players need to improve if they want to win the match.

The Internet makes the game more popular and increases its availability to people all around the world. In order to win the game, it is important to have knowledge about chess and how to apply different strategies in the game.

Over the years, online chess has improved a lot and it became more famous with the access of computers, smartphones, and the Internet. With online chess, you can play
the game with your neighbors sitting next door or with someone living across the

continent. All though most players prefer a face to face match, online chess is a
great option if you plan to play the game at any time of the day or even at night without waiting for a playmate.

How to play chess online.

1.After the site loads up, click the arrow pointing to the right to start the game.
2.Select your game mode. It gives you an option whether to play with a robot or a real player.
3.The timer shows at the lower right corner. Make sure to make a move before you run out of time.
4.Click the piece you want to use and move to their corresponding squares.
5.The game ends when the player has no legal move to go out of check.

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